//The file has been generated by h2ap at Fri Feb 17 14:21:49 2006
#include <httpd.h>
#include <http_protocol.h>

#include "mod_tplexample.h"
#define TPLARGS char* trace, x_cfg* dcfg
void tpl_example(request_rec* r,  char* trace, x_cfg* dcfg) {
	ap_rwrite("\012",1, r);
	ap_rputs(DOCTYPE_HTML_3_2, r);
	ap_rwrite("\012<HTML>\012 <HEAD>\012  <TITLE>mod_example Module Content-Handler Output\012  </TITLE>\012 </HEAD>\012 <BODY>\012  <H1><SAMP>mod_example</SAMP> Module Content-Handler Output\012  </H1>\012  <P>\012    Apache HTTP Server version: \042",203, r);
	ap_rputs(ap_get_server_version(), r);
	ap_rwrite("\042\012  <BR>\012    Server built: \042",28, r);
	ap_rputs(ap_get_server_built(), r);
	ap_rwrite("\042\012  </P>;\012  <P>\012  The format for the callback trace is:\012  </P>\012  <DL>\012   <DT><EM>n</EM>.<SAMP>&lt;routine-name&gt;\012(&lt;routine-data&gt;)</SAMP>\012   </DT>\012   <DD><SAMP>[&lt;applies-to&gt;]</SAMP>\012   </DD>\012  </DL>\012  <P>\012  The <SAMP>&lt;routine-data&gt;</SAMP> is supplied by\012  the routine when it requests the trace,\012  and the <SAMP>&lt;applies-to&gt;</SAMP> is extracted\012  from the configuration record at the time of the",420, r);
	ap_rwrite(" trace.\012  <STRONG>SVR()</STRONG> indicates a server environment\012  (blank means the main or default server, otherwise it's\012  the name of the VirtualHost); <STRONG>DIR()</STRONG>\012  indicates a location in the URL or filesystem\012  namespace.\012  </P>\012    <H2>Static callbacks so far:</H2>\012<OL>",287, r);
	ap_rputs(trace, r);
	ap_rwrite("</OL>\012  <H2>Request-specific callbacks so far:</H2>\012<OL>",56, r);
	ap_rputs(apr_table_get(r->notes, TRACE_NOTE), r);
	ap_rwrite("</OL>\012  <H2>Environment for <EM>this</EM> call:</H2>\012  <UL>\012    <LI>Applies-to: <SAMP>",86, r);
	ap_rputs(dcfg->loc, r);
	ap_rwrite("</SAMP>\012    </LI>\012    <LI>\042Example\042 directive declared here: ",61, r);
	ap_rputs(dcfg->local ? "YES" : "NO", r);
	ap_rwrite("\012    </LI>\012    <LI>\042Example\042 inherited: ",40, r);
	ap_rputs(dcfg->congenital ? "YES" : "NO", r);
	ap_rwrite("\012    </LI>\012  </UL>\012 </BODY>\012</HTML>\012",36, r);